Sake School Osaka

Sake School Osaka(SSO) provides opportunities to learn about sake for tourists, residents and visitors from all over the world. SSO is operated by the cooperative relation of J-Hoppers inc., a leading company in Japan's hostel industry and A-Nippon, an organization specializing in travel/hostel industry and educational events for non-Japanese.  Event-style educational and enjoyable sake course is conducted in English in the heart of Osaka city, Shinsaibashi.(Namba area)  Not just some sake tastings, learning about sake is even more fun!

Sake School Osaka(SSO) は世界中から日本を訪れる外国人が日本酒を学び、愉しむ機会を提供するプロジェクトです。SSOは、学びのイベントを通してニッポン文化を世界に伝えるA-Nipponが、日本のホステル業界をリードするJ-Hoppers Ltd.の協力の元運営しています。

Koji Uenoyama  上野山  広司(きき酒師)

Certified Sake Sommelier/Adviser (Kikisake-shi SSI)                              
Founder of Sake School Osaka
Head of A-Nippon

has been holding sake educational events for non-Japanese since 2012. He ran an international guesthouse for foreign tourists(Guesthouse CaminoRo) for seven years with his wife and two children hosting and living with more than 7,000 guests from over 60 countries and now focuses on his career as sake educator. He spent three years in U.S. as a college student majoring Spanish back in 90's and traveled around the world. Appreciating all his experiences obtained at home and abroad,  he would like to contribute to raise international awareness of sake and also Japanese culture. A member of 2017 government delegation, "Walk in US, Talk on Japan."
訪日観光客向けゲストハウスを7年間家族で運営。(ゲストハウスかみのろ 2010-2017) 妻と二人の子供たちも一緒に、60カ国、7000人以上の外国人と生活を共にする。ゲストハウス運営、自身のアメリカ留学や社会人時代の海外営業活動の経験を通して、海外での日本食、日本酒への関心の高さを知る。外国人旅行者や在住者に向けた日本酒普及イベントを2012年から開催。平成29年度内閣府主催の文化交流プロジェクト「歩こうアメリカ、語ろうニッポン」構成メンバーとして、北米4都市で日本酒、日本文化を語り、現地の各種団体と様々な交流を図る。 San Diego Mesa College 卒。現A-Nippon代表、国際英語発音協会プロジェクトマネージャー、日本酒の伝道師として活動。